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I kinda got my feet all over the place. Then the next drive, I went back to the basics — stick to your footwork, stick to your rules. No need to get crazy, especially when you have so much talent around you. Some kids in his situation would stonewall it or try to downplay all of the above. Clifford had an easy laugh about the whole thing. Hamler does not get nervous.

But he knew his old buddy was.

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I could tell. Just get all the jitters out.

Which brings us to: What else was this game worth other than glimpses into personalities of newbies? If we tend to our own issues, everything will take care of itself. Which a lot of times is total nonsense because specific game plans are very often tailored to manage superior players on the other team or exploit inferior ones.

The comment is simply an expedient method of firewalling any specifics about plans for the other guys.

Because the Vandals were nothing more than props, paid to stand in for actual FBS athletes. The railroad was unthought of then, Stage coaches ran from Mansfield to Mt. Bellville was but a very small village and more than half of what is now in town was then part of the Fitting farm.

So the silent but steady march of mortality ever advances, sweeping all before it into the tomb, and decay, and forgetfulness. Progress waits for no one, and the old citizens are dropping from the ranks one by one. She was a sweet singer in Israel in her younger days, and was a member of the first choir organized in the Presbyterian church. Dean, Perry Walsh and Geo. Goss started all the tunes by means of the tuning fork, no organs being used in this part of the country then.

Walsh sang in that noted choir in the old gallery at the back end of the church for many years. Her life has been a living testimony to the value of the Gospel in Christian experience. Comment is not necessary and would be but an idle tale. John H. Walsh died at his home in Akron on Saturday.

Walsh formerly lived here and had many friends, a large number of whom went by special car to Akron this morning to attend the funeral. One of the inmates of the reformatory died at the institution last night and will be buried in the reformatory cemetery. He was Joseph Walsh, of Hamilton County, received on February 12 of last year having been convicted of burglary. He died of tuberculosis having been cared for in the reformatory hospital for some time. The deceased was born in Belmont Co. Her grandfather, Robert Bell, moved to Richland County, Ohio, in May , and bought the farm where Bellville now stands, and laid out the town from whom it took its name.

The deceased was united in marriage with James Walsh, September 28th. She was the mother of fourteen children, four passed away before her, and ten still remain, two sons and eight daughters, with four sons-in-law and one daughter-in-law, in all fifteen. She was converted and united with the Methodist E. Church some thirty years ago, and remained a consistent member of the same until her death.

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Her afflictions were short, but severe, lasting only two weeks. When death came she was ready. Grace had done a perfect work, and when asked by her pastor whether Christ was precious to her, she answered in the affirmative; and while husband and children are left to mourn, they sorrow not as those who have no hope. Her funeral sermon was preached in Bellville on Sabbath the 9th. Moffet, of Crestline, from Rev. Walters, -- bur. Walters, -- Olivesburg. Sermon by the Rev. Walters, -- Tuesday.

The infant of Ed. Walters and wife died at Columbia City, Ind. In he was married to A. The same year he emigrated to Holt County, Missouri, where he lived working at his trade blacksmith until the war broke out, when he enlisted in the Fourth Missouri Cavalry, where by his upright and noble conduct he was promoted to the rank of Captain, and where he served faithfully until the close of the war. In he united with the Methodist Episcopal Church, and remained a steadfast, hard-working and useful member till the close of his life.

In he moved to his farm near Hiawatha, Brown County, Kansas, where he resided at the time of his death. He leaves a mourning wife and eight sorrowing children, the youngest scarce two years of age. Alfred died as he had lived, "an earnest Christian" and in all his rational moments his talk was "his great love for Jesus" and for "all his friends, relatives and acquaintances to love and serve Jesus, so a- to meet him in that happy land, where pain and parting is not known" was among his last words. He was buried in honor by the A.

The sermon was preached by Rev. A wife and eight children, four brothers and his aged father, with nearly seventy Brother Masons, and a very large procession of people, followed the remains to the grave, for he was beloved by all who knew him. He leaves his family well provided for in worldly goods, but they mourn the loss of one whose chair is vacant never to be filled again this side of the river. A gloom pervades the community. A good and perfect man, holding an important official position in our country, beloved, respected and honored by all who knew him, is no more.

Hiawatha, Oct. V, No. Amanda Walters, wife of Solomon Walters, died at 1 o'clock this morning, aged 36 years. The funeral takes place tomorrow afternoon from the residence of her husband on North Water Street. Members of the G. Funeral Friday afternoon at o'clock conducted by the Rev Bruce Brown.

Submitted by Margaret. Clara Walters, wife of Perry Walters, died at 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon at the home of her sister, Mrs.


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Harmon Newlon, 42 Blanche Street. She was 41 years of age and is survived by her husband, one daughter living at Lansing, Mich.

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Harmon Newlon of this city, Mrs. Wise and Mrs. Adams of Eaton Rapids, Mich. Funeral services conducted by the Rev.


Bruce Brown of the Christian church Friday afternoon at o'clock. Walters, wife of H. Walters, aged 33, residing on Walnut Street, died Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'clock after a very short illness. Walters came to Plymouth from Mansfield about six years ago, and he has ever since been employed at the J. Fate plant, and during their sojourn in our midst have made many warm friends. The deceased was very active in church work and its activities from which she will be greatly missed.

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Funeral services were held from the Lutheran church, Wednesday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, conducted by her pastor, Rev. Smith, after which her body was taken to Mansfield on B. Long and burial in the Mansfield Cemetery.


Daisy Nell Walters was born in Ashland, O. She departed this life Nov. Peter Nell of Ashland, O. Walters lived until she was 16 years old. From there she went to Mansfield and lived with her sister, Mrs. Hively, until the time of her marriage. She was united in marriage with Mr. Howard Walters, Jan.