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As seen on the NIFC table, the underlying issue with regard to prescribed fire activity is that the large majority of its acreage for both DOI and FS is from the southern and eastern areas, which generally means lighter fuels than are found in the western states.

Prescribed fire acreage in the western states, where wildfire activity is greatest, is pitifully small. It would certainly be more interesting if the , acres for DOI had to come out of areas west of the Mississippi. Helps if you have a budget to keep the lights then we can talk about the EO.

Utah has a dearth of saw mills. Even in California, logs are hauled fairly long distances to the few remaining mills. And what investor will be willing to put up the required funding to build new mills given the very volatile nature of this decision. No one will do the planning, logging, burning etc. All a shutdown accomplishes for the land management agencies is to shorten the amount of available time to achieve larger goals with smaller budgets.

Cross-Agency Priority Goals

Burn windows will be missed, sale marking will be rescheduled, equipment will sit idle. Shutdowns also interfere with hiring and training to provide employees with the skills to meet goals. Technicians and seasonal employees, who are often key to meeting goals, are hardest impacted by shutdowns. Your email address will not be published.

Approval as an Objective Measure of Presidential Performance

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content The Executive Order also addresses the use of drones and increases timber harvesting by 37 percent. Firefighters ignite the Norbeck prescribed fire in Custer State Park. Photo by Bill Gabbert. The stated rationale for the EO is identified: For decades, dense trees and undergrowth have amassed in these lands, fueling catastrophic wildfires.

The cumulative forest area burned by wildfires has greatly increased between and , with analyses estimating that the area burned by wildfire across the western United States over that period was twice what would have burned had climate change not occurred. Source: adapted from Abatzoglou and Williams The EO lists a number of areas with specific goals or directives.

Managing for Results in Government

Prescribed fire data from the December 8, National Situation Report. Share this:.

  1. Strategic Goal 5: Promote Effective and Efficient Management and Stewardship;
  2. High-Risk Issues.
  3. Non-standard Antennas.
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  5. The four Federal Data Strategy areas for exploration.
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Author: Bill Gabbert After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire. David: good question. I added this to the article: The goals in the EO are an unfunded mandate. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

First, he supports and quotes job approval measures when they are to his liking , underscoring his basic acceptance of the measure as a valid indicator of his performance. Second, he often claims his approval rating would be 20 or 30 points higher if not for various impediments, including the Fed and the "fake news media. Third, he dismisses specific approval ratings he doesn't like , calling them "fake" or "suppression polls," alleging that various pollsters are deliberately attempting to make his approval too low.

This doesn't mean Trump is dismissing job approval ratings per se, just certain specific polling results that don't fit his self-conception. A valuable attribute of the job approval measure comes from the historical context it provides -- going back to the days of World War II. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were in September of their third year in office after first being elected. The job approval rating also provides us the ability to analyze views of the president's performance among subgroups of the population.

Women are 10 percentage points lower than men in their evaluation of the job he is doing, and young people are 20 points lower than those 65 and older. And, despite Trump's recent claims that "We have tremendous African American support. Trump's job approval rating has stayed within a relatively narrow range since he has been president, underscoring the way in which political polarization freezes approval in place.

Those who identify with each of the major parties today have highly disparate views, as we have seen -- views that are basically fixed in place.

UCOP Divisions & Departments

Overall, I'm sure each president develops a list of objectives for his administration and either formally or informally attempts to see how well he is doing in reaching them. But the way the people of the nation summarize the performance of their president through the job approval rating is a durable, valid and reliable single measure of presidential success in reaching objectives, and one that has stood the test of time.

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    • Never miss our latest insights. Americans feel the government has too much power but appreciate services the government provides. The candidates have yet to address this paradox. Americans accurately estimate Donald Trump's job approval rating, as they did for Bill Clinton in In contrast to 20 years ago, partisans' estimates now diverge. Despite Democratic candidates' emphasis on inequality, there is little evidence it has become an increasingly important concern for Americans. Americans' generally positive views of the U.

      Notice: JavaScript is not enabled. Please Enable JavaScript Safely. Polling Matters. Presidents' Arm's Length Relationship With Job Approval I've been involved in with Gallup's job approval rating for about 30 years and I've seen a number of differing approaches to presidents' public reactions to the measure. Trump Pays Close Attention President Donald Trump pays more public attention to his job approval rating than any recent president in my experience.

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