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She teaches at Santa Monica High School. He is a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University.

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Recent Issues Add to cart Vol. Vol, 18, No. New Shoes for Mrs. She has published six collections of short stories, has written and directed seven feature films and 25 documentary films, and has won the German National Film Award for cinematography five times. She lives in Munich. Translator Gustav A.

Richar is a Canadian editor and writer; his short story collection, Cloud Lake, was published in Syd, his first published play, is loosely based on the life of Sydney Mortimer Laurence pioneer Alaskan landscape artist. His paintings, including many magnificent images of his most popular subject, Mt. McKinley Denali , are held in public and private collections throughout North America. Recent Issues. Add to cart. Special 35th Anniversary. Follow Us. The Capital Hill Poetry Group, circa And oh the parties!

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Book parties, Christmas parties, parties for visiting poets, and once and here is my most vivid memory a hot tub party, but of this, I shall say no more. We were all serious poets, in the end, and loving friends. We could not discuss politics, for low-and-behold, there were actually two Republican poets among us. Therefore, we just liberated ourselves from that conversation. We shared in the superb joy when two members, Mary Ann Larkin and Patric Pepper , fell in love and later married.

Hastings Wyman and his then-wife, Mary, made Beef Wellington. It was a true banquet with members of the Capitol Hill Poetry Group and their companions toasting the bride and groom——a groom who had entered his eighth decade. Literary history?

Or simply lives shared with the poem as the object before us, permitting so much to occur that otherwise would not have? Merwin and other influential poets and critics to the city. Fine collections have been published comprised of poems first vetted at our meetings. I remember how we all sat in stunned silence when Chris Llewellyn first presented the dramatic monologues that would come to comprise her collection, Fragments From the Fire: The Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire of March 25, , a collection that received the Walt Whitman Award.

I hear her breath, her teeth and tongue, the shape and plan in every syllable. Christ wants to give you a gift, she cries, and she gives me the word gift all wrapped up in a cribful of consonants. Several Capitol Hill Poetry Group members from those early days and later days have continued writing, publishing, teaching and performing, and participate in both the solitary and community work that is literary life. All the members have published at least one collection, and some, several. The group has, of course, gone through the usual comings and goings that characterize any organized gathering of a period of thirty-five years.

Remarkably the CHPG continues to meet most weeks. A few months ago I met Anne Woodworth , a current member, and Nan Meneely , a member from the 00s, who moved to Connecticut a couple of years ago, now lives near me and has become a friend. It was a rare privilege.

Gray Jacobik lives in Deep River, Connecticut. Published in Volume 11, Number 2, Spring In a strange twist of fate, much of Ms. Forthcoming fr.

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Coronamundi, a large selection of the work. Towards Totality , Levi studied at the Univ. Please refer to www. Please contact her for any publications that are as difficult to find as she is at: levitate hotmail.

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It is co-sponsored by Ms. Sofia Bentinck.

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Harry Gregor is 27 and lives in Cheltenham, England. Hanoch Guy, who spent his childhood and youth in Israel, writes poetry in both Hebrew and English. Hall has also co-edited New Contrast and been included in school poetry anthology Worldscapes.

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Vol, 18, No. 1 & 2 Spring/Summer 2000

Jefferson Hansen's latest novel is "and beefheart saved craig. A chapter or two goes up five days a week. A book of poetry, "Jazz Forms," will be out in early He lives in Minneapolis and in addition to the badboy site, runs twincitiesjazzscene. Paul jazz scene. James Iredell grew up in Monterey, California, and now lives in Atlanta, but his folks are still on the Central Coast, so he gets home often. Michael Kindellan.

Books online: Banana Baby www. Andrew Lundwall , Chorma , www. Post-Buddhist-Punk, Vienna. She lives in San Francisco with musician, J. Lee, and their daughter, Maizie Jade. To get a sense of what she does with Plastic Ocean , check it out in the Little Mags section of this issue of Big Bridge. He is the author of Marginal State, a collection of poetry, and his work has been published internationally in journals and anthologies, both in print and online, including The Progressive, XCP: Cross Cultural Poetics, Versal, and many others.

His poetry-based video artwork has been exhibited in galleries and featured at film festivals in Berlin, Chicago, New York, and elsewhere. For more information please visit www. Stephen Lewandowski has published nine small books of poetry, and his poems and essays have appeared in regional and national environmental and literary journals and anthologies. Lewandowski has worked as an environmental educator and consultant in the western Finger Lakes for thirty years. His essays have been published electronically at www.